Friday, February 20, 2009

Best Job in the NFL?

Has to be new Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. Think about it:

- He cannot do worse than Rod Marinelli did in 2008.
- The Lions have a slew of draft picks in the first 3 rounds (5 I think?).
- He has a virtual carte blanche to do whatever he wants with whoever he wants.
- No Matt Millen.
- Calvin Johnson is a dominant wide receiver no matter who the Lions draft at quarterback.
- They play in a weak division.
- Expectations are low after 50 years of being in the NFL's basement. A winning season would be just as good as a Super Bowl victory for Detroit.
- Starting cap space of somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million depending on who they release/retain.

So yeah, having Tom Brady....err, Matt Cassel would be better, but realistically it's a pretty good situation. We'll see if it's still a good situation in late December.