Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Brian, You're Right

Cleveland has the worst coaching staff left in the playoffs. Maybe it's not all Brown's fault, but that performance last night was some of the worst in game management I've ever seen. If I had to rank the remaining coaches, it would look something like this:

1. Pops
2. Phil
3. Sloan
4. Scott
5. Flip or Stan...Flip I guess, he's up 2-0
6. Stan
7. Doc
8. Me
9. My pants
1,892. Mike Brown

If I had the energy I would extend this to ranking all sorts of different positions. But I don't.

Cavs in 6


Brian Raab said...

Every time Varejao puts the ball on the floor I cringe and wonder why Brown has a job. Seriously, how many turnovers and awful shots does it take to sit Sideshow Bob down and tell him to stop playing like an idiot. I'm surprised LeBron hasn't done it yet. The problem might be that no one on the Cavs speaks Portuguese.

I'm with you on the Cavs winning the series. The Celtics were incredibly lucky to come away with the win last night. LeBron had an abysmal night and Cleveland still nearly took Game 1. Not too encouraging for the Celtics.

Thinking about it now, could this be the worst coaching match-up in NBA playoff history? I mean Brown and Rivers have to be among the worst ten coaches in the entire league, and here they are in the second round. We should find some way to chart their ineptitude and see who is the worse coach. Let's get on this.

Stefan B to the C said...

Seems like the Cav's are eating their fiber